We strive to deliver the best education and training possible and create an environment where excellence is foreseeable; the learners we serve will have a foundation of knowledge, skills and attitude that prepare them for successful careers and successful lives.


To be the TVET Institution-of-Choice, serving learners and communities through leadership, excellence, and innovation.


Learning and teaching is in the heart of Tactical Foundation Training and Assessment Center where six Key Values reflect both the reality and the aspirations of the organization.


EXPLORATION – The Center is open to new ways of doing, of being and of thinking. We foster a spirit of adventure and inquiry. We honor our past while focusing on our future and encouraging innovation and risk-taking.


INCLUSIVENESS – THE Center creates welcoming environments, making our programs and services accessible to diverse learners and teachers. We offer a range of choice in what and how people can learn. Our curricula, processes and people honor diversity.


EXELLENCE – The Center offers high quality learning-teaching experiences. Our personnel demonstrate subject area expertise. We work to improve our processes, services and learning opportunities. We celebrate achievement.


INTEGRITY – Communication at the Center is honest, open, and timely. We follow fair and equitable processes. We treat people with respect and encourage individuals to take personal responsibility.


COMMUNITY – A sense of community is fostered within the Center. We offer rich social, cultural, intellectual and recreational environments. We collaborate effectively with partners and we involve ourselves in our local, regional, and global communities.


ACCOUNTABILITIES – The Centers programs and services meet learner’s needs. We are responsive to the needs of our learning-teaching communities and business partners. We regularly evaluate our effectiveness and efficiency.